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We are collecting information for the National Survey of Children Who Remember Past Lives. Our aim is to discover the past life lineage of Australia as a region.

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Carol Bowman says that 4 main indicators help you establish if you child is recalling a past life, or simply enjoying an active imagination. See details below.

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Welcome to My Child’s Past Life

A research initiative for Australians with children experiencing past life or pre-life memories

An Australian National Research Survey

We are initiating the National Survey for Children who Remember Past Lives. At present, as you will discover below, there is work done all over the world to investigate, research and help heal those children who remember past lives. However, in Australia, no large body of work has been pulled together to collect data to create a more accurate Australian snapshot of our past life lineage as a region.

We can learn a lot by examining the spontaneous past life recall in young children. Children under the age of about 7 do not have a fully formed conscious mind. They are in a hypnagogic state and can more easily access memories from past lives, sometimes fleetingly, sometimes in graphic detail.

Do all children remember past lives? What happens if my child has past life memories? How do I know if the memories they speak of are past lives, and not just overactive imaginations?

A good place to start uncovering answers to these questions is examining the research of the University of Virginia’s Division of Perceptual Studies (DOPS). Founded in 1967 by Dr Ian Stevenson, his pioneering work began investigating children’s past life claims in India, Burma, Turkey and Thailand where cultural acceptance of reincarnation is high. His work resulted in numerous published articles and nine books. Since Dr Stevenson’s death, DOPS’ research is continued by Dr Jim Tucker.

DOPS have databased over 2,500 cases of spontaneous past life recall in children. Their research indicates that in 70% of their cases, the previous person in the past life died by unnatural means. This would explain why some children can remember their past lives and others can’t – the ones who remember have had unresolved trauma in the previous life.

DOPS have also found that more boys talk about past lives than girls, despite girls usually being more verbal at a younger age. Dr Tucker believes he has the answer. About 90% of children who talk about memories of past lives lived them as the same sex. So when he says that more boys have past life recall than girls, it indicates more of the previous personalities were male than female. And males die from unnatural deaths more often than females. In fact, 73% of the unnatural deaths remembered by children are male. What Jim then found interested him - according to US statistics 72% of unnatural deaths in the country were male.

DOP’s research has also revealed that 20% of children have mentioned the life between life state. That means they may talk about what happened right after the previous death, such as floating out of their body, even seeing the funeral and the sadness occurring for their family members. They may talk about seeing relatives, spirits, Jesus or God. Some will reveal that they have been observing the parents before coming into their current life, and choosing their parents. This has been confirmed in the work of Dr Michael Newton as published in ‘Journey of Souls’. Some children give details of events that occurred while they were in the womb that has not been known to them.

Carol Bowman, a past life regression therapist in Philadelphia, has written two books Children’s Past Lives and Return from Heaven. Carol runs the largest past life forum on the internet. Established in 1997, it gives everyday people the opportunity to discuss their own past lives and that of their children. Unlike DOPS’ cases, where each one is carefully scoured for verification criteria and classified as ‘solved’ or ‘unsolved’, this is a forum where many stories are never verified, but offer families the invaluable opportunity to discover they are not alone. In Western culture, many families don’t want to consider reincarnation as a possibility, let alone talk about it. Carol’s online community is the only place in which many people feel free to be open, greatly relieved at discovering there are thousands more sharing similar experiences.

The work of people such as Stevenson, Tucker, Newton and Bowman has paved the way for 40 years now giving us invaluable experience.
However, all of these cases are based on research from overseas. Much work needs to be done in Australia to collect data and put together a more accurate Australian snapshot of our past life lineage as a region.

We are looking for Australian families to submit cases to the National Survey of Children who Remember Past Lives [submit form below].

What do we know about children recalling past lives?

  • They can talk in the present tense. Their conscious mind hasn’t fully formed in this life time and in a sense, they have a foot in both lives, the two appear to be merged.
  • It is likely they have unresolved trauma from that lifetime to work address.
  • Their final moments from the previous life may be something they act out in play and their thoughts and emotions at death can be a constant point of discussion.
  • Engaging in their conversation, putting your own beliefs aside, and asking open-ended questions helps them talk it out.
  • Visiting the place where they lived/died in the past life helps them to close the chapter on that life.
  • By around age 6 or 7, the memories naturally start to fade away.

Four signs to look for if you believe your child is talking about a past life:

  • they will often talk in a very matter of fact way about the events;
  • there is consistency over time in how they repeat the same topic;
  • they exhibit ability or knowledge far beyond their experience; and
  • often with corresponding behaviour and traits.

Survey Form

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